The right decision of coach Kiatisuk

12 Jan 2022 | 15:23 | Football

Without 7 Vietnamese players, HAGL was still crowned in the friendly tournament. Coach Kiatisuk showed how to use people rationally when HAGL did not buy more domestic players.

HAGL needed a mental boost for the new season, and they’ve done more than that. Kiatisuk successfully combined 15 young players with pillars and 3 foreign players from Brazil. They won all 3 matches in the friendly tournament without the presence of 7 Vietnamese players.

Many HAGL young players have confidence when inspired to play by Kiatisuk. Photo: Quang Thinh.

Many HAGL young players have confidence when inspired to play by Kiatisuk. Photo: Quang Thinh.

Promising young players

Kiatisuk accepted the invitation to bring the team down to Quy Nhon to attend the Quang Trung Emperor’s Cup with the purpose of testing troops and finding additional young factors on the V.League playground. This year, HAGL mainly kept the pillars and limited procurement because of limited funds.

Goalkeepers Huynh Tuan Linh and Nguyen Huu Tuan are both retained with 3-year contracts. Two foreign soldiers Washington Brandao and Kim Dong-su also agreed to extend the contract. The team’s financial resources are focused on the support of internal soldiers and the recruitment of central defenders Mauricio and Baiano.

Therefore, the internal army force, which is already thin in the 2021 season, needs to be added immediately. In the 2022 season, HAGL also participates in the AFC Champions League, which means one more front. There is no other way, Kiatisuk must select “homegrown” young players to give opportunities.

Vo Dinh Lam, Cao Hoang Tu or Huynh Tien Dat and Nguyen Thanh Nhan are bright names, partly showing their confidence in the tournament in Quy Nhon. Coach Kiatisuk praised the spirit of the young players he conveyed before entering the big tournament.

“In this tournament, I want the young players to grasp the tactical requirements. They have to show their ability, comply with the requirements and avoid injuries. The players here have potential, the rest is just is that they need to understand my tactics,” Kiatisuk emphasized.

Rarely does the Thai military leader mention any name by name. However, he appreciated midfielder Nguyen Duc Viet (17 years old) after the tournament ended. “That’s the potential of HAGL and Vietnamese football,” he said. The success factors in this tournament will compete in the V.League.

Besides, “Zico Thai” also shows how to screen people at HAGL. Because there are many mature players from HAGL who are on trial or on loan at other teams. Even so, he did not call back or stay, but not in the plan anymore.

Baiano was contracted without trial at HAGL. Photo: Quang Thinh.

Baiano was contracted without trial at HAGL. Photo: Quang Thinh.

Two quality foreign soldiers

Two HAGL rookies in this tournament also competed successfully. Jefferson Baiano and Mauricio Teixeira both showed their worth on the pitch. Striker Baiano scored 2 goals with Washington Brandao. Meanwhile, Mauricio with a height of 1.98 m proved steady.

For Baiano, this is the first time the striker born in 1995 has come to Vietnam to play football. According to Zing’s research , Binh Duong Club is the team that carries out immigration procedures and guarantees the 27-year-old striker. Baiano was supposed to be their man.

However, the Go Dau team wants to try out as many foreign soldiers as possible. This made Baiano disagree. Meanwhile, Kiatisuk just looked at him and nodded without checking. Baiano only needs to complete the medical examination to sign the contract in Ho Chi Minh City.

Baiano is nicknamed “bull”, people quickly call “Jeff”. The player has a large, heavy body, but the speed ensures a duel. In particular, he worked hard to move, find the ball and drift or change wings.

Meanwhile, Mauricio is considered a “quarantine foreign soldier” when he spent nearly 2 months “sitting in place” in Ho Chi Minh City. He arrived in Vietnam just in time for social distancing, then the season was canceled. The predestined relationship with HAGL seemed to end there. But in the end, Kiatisuk still got Mauricio.

The Thai military leader pointed out that HAGL enjoys a significant number of corners after 12 rounds of V.League 2021. However, Germany’s team has no plan to take advantage of the ability to fly the ball. Mauricio with a height of nearly 2m will diversify the attack plan.

Mauricio wants to play for HAGL. He likes to play in the AFC Champions League to gain experience. This player also compensates 3 months salary for the Santa Cruz team to return to HAGL when Kiatisuk agrees.

The personnel decisions of coach Kiatisuk are going in the right direction, at least in the pre-season. The title of Emperor Quang Trung cup makes HAGL feel secure about foreign soldiers, as well as promising for the third generation of HAGL-JMG players for the future.

On the contrary, some teams like Da Nang Club or Binh Duong team still need more time to identify suitable foreign players. Saigon Club is also trying out some old faces. The HCM City Club is waiting for a foreign soldier on the attack line.