European football: Thunderstorms at the beginning of the year with the big boys

04 Jan 2022 | 15:11 | Football

Chelsea and Liverpool both lost points in the direct confrontation and this result seemed to add wings to the top team Man.City in the Premier League – Premier League.

In contrast, Real Madrid have not suffered much, although their first match in 2022 was very bad when losing to weak team Getafe in La Liga.

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People still call big matches like Chelsea – Liverpool “six points match”. It is conceivable: Both the guest and the host lost 2 points, rather than 1 point, when they held each other with a score of 2-2, so that the top team Man.City benefited. While Man.City extended the winning streak in the Premier League up to 11 consecutive matches, Chelsea drew 4 of the last 5 matches, and Liverpool only drew or lost in the last 3 rounds. That is the biggest difference, which will decide the Premier League title this season. When the gameplay according to Man.City’s philosophy “gets on the reels”, this team becomes a winning machine, due to the way the game is played as programmed. Even when Guardiola admitted “Arsenal is better”, in the end Man.City still won 2-1 at the last minute (in Saturday night’s series).

Leading Chelsea, but Liverpool (right) ended up having only 1 point to leave

Leading Chelsea, but Liverpool (right) ended up having only 1 point to leave

In contrast, Liverpool still cannot keep a great advantage when leading to 2 goals on the field, Chelsea have eliminated Romelu Lukaku themselves. It is not certain that Liverpool and Chelsea are weaker than Man.City, but these teams lose to Man.City in terms of stability. As stated, both have continuously lost points in recent matches, not just standing still because of a direct draw with each other. The ability to control the game is something that Liverpool do not have in the match at Chelsea. Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah scored early (leading 2-0 after just 26 minutes), but they soon had to return to the starting line after Mateo Kovacic and Christian Pulisic’s equalizers for Chelsea. The match was exciting in the eyes of the viewers, but could not be said to be tactically excellent. Coach Juergen Klopp (Liverpool) did not appear because he was positive for Covid-19. Goalkeepers Alisson, Roberto Firmino and Joel Matip are also absent for the same reason. For Chelsea, this is a difficult period, and Lukaku is to blame when he contributes to “breaking the team” in this situation. The spirit of competition is the greatest value that Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea shows. In the near future, both Liverpool and Chelsea are still facing many difficulties. Liverpool is the team with the most serious damage to the team because of the Africa Cup. With Chelsea, there is still the “Lukaku problem”, which has not been completely solved.
In La Liga, “temporary form” is the biggest detail that can explain why the super power Real Madrid can lose to a Getafe not long ago that was still at the bottom of the table. Real stars are slow, often lose a step or lose their strength when they have to contend with completely “anonymous” opponents on the other side. They can’t concentrate and lose the ball very often. Coach Carlo Ancelotti (Real) admitted: “We take a day off for Tet than our opponents. Obviously, the Real players are not ready in this match.” Ancelotti calmly admits defeat so easily, perhaps because this defeat has not yet threatened Real’s top position.

While Real is still diving in a lackluster performance, Getafe is at the opposite extreme. In the past 19 rounds, there are 8 rounds of this team standing at the bottom of the group and 9 rounds at the penultimate position. But now, Getafe has risen to a safe position after defeating Real 1-0. It is a well-deserved result. Few people note: Getafe is the only team in La Liga unbeaten in the last 6 rounds. They began to sublimate from a starting point that could not be more difficult: to be at the bottom of the table and to fire coach Michel. The effectiveness of the new coach Quique Sanchez Flores is too obvious.